Some news !

1- HAPPY NEW YEAR y'all !! (i'm not like everybody, i know !!!)

2- I'm still alive.. you can trust it ! ;) And overbooked (so much to do at work, so much to do at home, so many cool scrap projects !!)

3- I'll take part to an incredible and probably the BIGGEST (in term of size ! lol !) adventure in my life.. stay tuned : incredible photos in June !!!
(oh.. you know that time flies ! ;) !!!!)

4- I'v a great news to tell you : guess who is now part of the incredible creative team of this cool mag...???? YEAH ! I'm so proud to be one of the girls, and i'm so scraed, what a good news, i just hope to be as talented and inspiring as the Girls !

5- Ok... You know that Valentine's Day is coming... (and spring too...) so, amazing ideas on this mag, run for it ! ;) And some gorgeous materials to scrap : really, really surprising and yummy !

6- I've been tagged by the lovely Nessa ! And i have to show you the 6th photo from my latest file : here is it, and SOOC ! ;) i told you, overbooked ! ;)

Ok... i'm not showing you my scrap room (which is my room) just because... hey hey ! I'm not proud of it, so messy that you don't guess the color of the desk... ;)

And now... i'm tagging...
and because i'm not like anyone (that i told you at the top of the post !) i'm tagging a 7th Miss who is...
Miss Minoute with a photo of her scraproom ! ;)

7- And finally... 2009 will be the year of the "most diligent post on this blog" : after an intensive reflexion before the creation, freakin' begginings and "no post" at all... i'll try to be more interesting and show you more cool things and talk a little bit with y'all ! ;)

So, i hope you're having a good Sunday... xoxo !


Bad blogger...

Just a tiny post to tell you that the brand new Esprit Scrapbooking is available !!! So... run for it ! ;)

(pssssst ! For Emma's fans, a full article showing her studio, how it was thought and good tips to use some vintage furnitures ! Her studio is the cutest ! Seriously !
And for miss Lilith's fans : what about letting her present you her scrap association in the East of France ???
Ok... now, are you Kawaï ? Yep ? You will love Nessa's article ! No ? Run to discover this funny and colorful scrap style ! !!)
And as always, your layouts, and the fab ideas of the creative team !

Ok ! I hope i'll be abble to show you some scrap stuffs soon... Hum... and i was thinking... what about a newsletter... ? If you go for it, please, it's on the sidebar ! ;)

I'll be annoucing some good news... so, stay tuned... ;)

Hope you'll have a great week !

xo ! and thanks for your visit ! ;)


Hot stuff !!!

Trust me : you don't want to miss it ! ;)

This cover looks rad, hu ?! 100 pages of useful and super articles in this special issue "photo", craftiness, tutorials, ideas for beautiful & original photos, full of life, in diverse and varied domains, and many talented and bright scrappy girls... (Séverine, Emma and more ! And as usual, the craftiness and ideas of the merry creative team!) yes yes, all this in there!

Psssst... if you want to submit some LO and take part to the challenges and be publicated clic on the photo...

xoxo !


One shot

Rock on !

A simple photo, blurred, but that i love... it's my brother's dusty guitar

Bonne journée ! ;)


for YOU...

Because that pricks the curiosity of some of you, because certain like it, because the others hate it, because SHE wants to see one lil' part of it(well...it's normal it's for her lol!), because she will certainly want to see everything in its entirety, because she is going to try to know what that is...

That's all you'll see, for now ! ;)
(it's a mini we are making with Lilith, we challenge each other every week (well, we try ! lol!) and it's funny, inspirational, but, WOW ! Difficult ! lol !!!!!)

And... i've been tagged !!! Yep... by Miss SabrisakaTag !!! lol ! And with no further ado, the rules : you have to tell 6 things or habits and tag 6 other persons (by advertising them on their blog) !

i don't love habits !
it's midnight and i want to make crêpes (their no hour for crêpes ! ;) !!!!)
i love to put buttons on my bags ! ;)
i air all the roses whom we offer me
i love canddles !
i love to make several things at the same time ! ;)

and i tag... all of the persons who want to be tagged !!!!! ;)

Bonne nuit !!!


Oh! Girl...

Hey hey !

A LO in soft pink for Minoute, (the really first one in soft pink, a challenge for me ! lol !) for a challenge at Le Labo de Scrap, yep ! We did a photo swap, randomly, and this is the LO i've made for her :

And Béa made me this wonderful LO, isn't it gorgeous ???? This was my first photo swap, and i loved it !!!!!! Have to try this again ! ;)

i told you it's rad !!!!!! ;) So clic on the photo to visit her blog and leave her some love !

psssst, S@fo... THANKS for the papers ! ;) i simply didn't manage not to use them at once ! ;)

Bonsoir ! ;)


Lovelies... come to me ! ;)

The brand new yummy Sassafras collection...
11281 - Say Timber
11291 - In Love 11294 - Take a Chance
11261 - Over the Rainbow 11262 - Apple Delight
25001 - Happy Place Pal Around 25005 - Woodland Whimsy- Pal Around
Fairytales all around !

The magnificent collection froooooooooooooooooom... Hambly !

You guys are awesome !!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... the last but non the less... Vintage Moon collection by Pink Paislee...

Gorgeous... hum...??


I hope you have a great week-end ! ;)